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Cerkl, one of our Inspire 25 club members has a sanitiser spray that is effective for up to 30 days. Definitely goo…

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So happy for you both congratulations #besteasterever

About Us

So……. what do you do??

A simple enough question you may think….

We run track events for people of all ages regardless of ability or disability.

Is.? That.? IT.???

Is that all we do??

OK…  let’s try again…

We run events which empower disabled people of all ages. We allow a disabled child or adult a chance to forget, if only for a little while, that they have a disability.  We give a person a respite from the nay-sayers, the fun police, the sceptics, and we say YES!!

YES!  You CAN drive a car.

YES!  You CAN be in control.

YES!  You CAN be like everyone else.

And it’s that last phrase, that last sentence, that is THE most important thing that we bring to people.  A chance to say YES! I DID THAT! Yes! I can do what you do. A chance to perhaps think … if I can drive that car around a racetrack, if I can drive that buggy over that off-road track, what else CAN I DO? What else is possible?

Ans. Anything!! Anything is possible!!

Self-worth is at the basis of our very thoughts, feelings and behaviours. It drives our personalities.  It is, therefore, an important part of our lives.  When people take part in a sporting or physical activity, it improves their self-esteem, physical and mental wellbeing and helps their social interaction.

Our events are social occasions. A chance to cheer others on. A chance to chat and laugh and enjoy being a part of something, included in something.  A chance to see that there are others out there struggling with the same issues, the same barriers and talking together about how to overcome and prevail. Sometimes the greatest gift you can give a person is to simply include them.

We are immensely proud that, according to our feedback forms during our 2019 season, 100% of our participants would come again and 100% would recommend the driving experience to family and friends.

Altogether in 2019 we helped over 300 children and adults achieve the impossible.


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    Speed Of Sight relies on the generosity of its supporters to help us deliver life changing driving opportunities to blind and disabled people across the UK.

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