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Welcoming Prima Tooling to our Inspire 25 Club

At Speed of Sight, we aim to change lives with our driving experiences. Speed of Sight provides the unique opportunity for blind, visually impaired, or disabled people to experience high-speed racing around one of our partner tracks! Our cars are fitted with dual controls providing safety and peace of mind; our fully qualified instructors are there to comfort and build trust with our drivers, so they feel completely safe during their driving experience. We also offer blindfolded driving experiences, allowing fully abled people to experience first-hand the challenges posed by the loss of vision.

Our Inspire25 Club is an exclusive club for our partners and sponsors who had signed up to support Speed of Sight with a £25 per month subscription to fund our track days and the resources of the charity!

When your business becomes an Inspire 25 Club member it unlocks some great benefits. We love celebrating our latest members, we publish personalised videos across our social media platforms to thank you for joining. We also send you a branded Inspire 25 Club Membership Certificate, signed by our superhuman, Mike Newman!

Let’s take a look at our newest member, Prima Tooling!

We’d like to extend our deepest thanks to Prima Tooling for becoming one of our amazing Inspire 25 members! Prima, like the rest of our Inspire Club, is now helping us to give the gift of a lifetime to blind and disabled people throughout the UK. The gift to drive!

Let’s get to know Prima Tooling a little better.

Formed in 1979, Prima Tooling was built with over 40 years of experience between the team in manufacturing tools from incredible materials like polycrystalline diamond (PCD), high-speed steel, and tungsten carbide. With these materials they create their ultra-strong PCD end mills, HSS drilling tools, and carbide drills.

They are based in Brentwood, Essex, and supply tooling to companies in industries such as aerospace, automotive and industrial production.

Their tools are available to purchase through a network of distributors across the UK, Ireland, Europe, Canada, and the USA!

Our deepest thanks to Prima Tooling for helping us continue to provide these life-changing experiences! If you’re looking for high-quality bits and tool tips like carbide end mills, check out Prima Tooling today.

Why not join the Speed of Sight Inspire 25 Club and help give the gift to drive? At the end of the day, we are all about making the impossible possible!


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