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Viral Fundraisers Over The Years

The people of social media have seen many viral videos to fundraise for charity and raise awareness. In this article, we’re going to be rounding up some of the most viral fundraising trends and how they raised awareness for the charity.

The power of social media is incredible, especially recently specific apps such as Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook allow you to directly donate to charities and add a button on a post or your profile to take you to the charity.

Here are some of the top viral fundraisers:

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Now, the majority of us will remember the viral videos of people throwing freezing cold ice water over their heads to spread awareness of the neurodegenerative disease and then they had to nominate some people to take part. The real question is, how much money did they raise over all during this time?

The charity raised over $115 million thanks to the amazing celebrities that got involved to boost the charity and what they were campaigning for.

Some of the most memorable videos from this challenge were Harry Styles, Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, and Steven Spielberg. The list could go on, it was wholesome to see so many well-known faces get involved in this viral trend.

Earth Hour

Organised by WWF also known as the World-Wide Fund for Nature, this is an annual event where they encourage everyone for one hour to switch off their lights, computers, TVs, and other electrical devices all at the same time to help save the environment.

This campaign began in 2007, it all started in Sydney and then grew globally. Historic buildings like the Sydney Opera House, the Eiffel Tower, the Houses of Parliament, and more have all participated over the years to encourage the citizens of their countries to get involved in the movement.

Detailed reports are available to read on the Earth Hour organisation website!


Launching back in 2003, Movember is a global fundraising event that takes place throughout November. The main goal is to break the stigma and raise awareness regarding men’s health issues.

As of 2021, Movember has raised over $800 million!


After the devastating arson attack on Manchester Dogs’ Home in 2014, people rushed to give help to the charity. The people of Manchester and beyond began posting photos of themselves and their dogs captioning them with #DogSelfie. Thanks to the people who helped donate money, supplies, and spread awareness, they raised over £700,000!

These are just some of the viral fundraisers that have surfaced on our social media feeds over the years and there are many more to come!

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