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Thanks to the generosity of the team at Three Sisters Circuit, the Speed of Sight team are able to provide our life changing driving experiences at their race track in Wigan. It is our belief that a disability doesn’t mean an inability and our access to the Three Sisters Circuit allows us to give blind and disabled people the chance to feel the wind in their hair as they zoom around the race track.

A day at the Three Sisters Circuit means that you can select the perfect package from a range of driving experiences in order to put together a personalised approach that meets the needs of your party accordingly. Whether you’re making memories with friends, celebrating a special occasion or encouraging your team to work together, a few laps around the Three Sisters Circuit is sure to do the trick!

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Race Formats

Packages can be adapted and tailored as per your needs or alternatively there’s an ability to select from the options below to plan for a smooth yet action-packed day on the track. Plus, there’s also a selection of tasty snacks and fantastic food on offer so you can satisfy those post-racing hunger pangs whilst debating who performed the best.

Three Sisters Circuit provides the following events:

  • Exclusive Sprint Events:

Typical format includes a 5-minute warm up, followed by two 8-minute heats and a final 10-minute lap. The event must include a minimum of 10 people.

  • Exclusive Individual Endurance Events:

Typical format includes a 10-minute warm up which is followed by a 20-minute race. The event must include a minimum of 10 people.

  • Exclusive Team Endurance Events:

Typical format includes a 10-minute warm up followed by a 60-minute race. The event must include a minimum of 8 teams. There is also the option of a 20-minute warm up followed by a 120-minute race or a 30-minute warm up followed by a 180-minute race for teams of 2-4.

Three Sisters Circuit recommends team endurance events for large groups or company bonding experiences whereas both sprint and individual endurance events are ideal for small groups looking to settle friendly rivalries on the race course.

three sisters

Multi-Activity and Bespoke Events

Three Sisters Circuit holds half-day or full-day on-site events for larger groups which can be catered specifically to each party’s requirements. The multi-activity events include exclusive karting experiences, RDX Drift Academy Sessions, archery and AIM Laser Combat. A bespoke experience is the aim so groups can also personalise their event with a full-catering package, trophy upgrades and bubbly for the podium.

Key Information

There are certain guidelines to abide by at Three Sisters Circuit that should be taken into consideration when booking an event, such as:

  • Minimum driver height: 5ft
  • Maximum driver weight: 18 stone
  • Three Sisters Circuit uses Biz, Honda powered Le Mans Twin 200GX karts.
  • Wearing a Three Sisters Circuit racing helmet also requires racers to wear a balaclava, which can be purchased from reception
  • There is a maximum of 20 karts/teams allowed on the circuit together at any given time.

Fundraising Kart Events

Three Sisters Circuit is the perfect location to raise funds for important charities, and exclusive auctions, raffles and karting events can be organised in order to accommodate fundraising efforts. The karting events intend to be an enjoyable team event consisting of a practice lap and an endurance race with driver changes, however there’s a twist as you can buy race positions, buy/deduct laps or even bid for the grid to guarantee your team’s place at the front.

With all this to offer and more, there’s no better place to sink your teeth into driving experiences Wigan and feel the wind in your hair as you race around the Three Sisters Circuit. So, what are you waiting for? Book a bespoke karting event today!


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