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The growing importance of charity fundraising

New charities are created every year for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes a cause that has been underfunded by government initiatives falls by the wayside and requires public funding to operate, and sometimes new problems arise that require charitable donations in order to combat.

Giving to local, national and international charities has never been more important, and is not just beneficial to the charities themselves but also the donators who support them.

The most important source of income

The reason we see a lot more charity fundraising now is because these types of events account for the majority of income for every charity in the UK. They are responsible for raising awareness and getting people to engage with the charity in a positive and enjoyable way.

Fundraising events aren’t just for the larger charities either. Charitable organisations of all sizes benefit from some sort of fundraiser, whether it is a small event such as a coffee morning, or book sale, or a larger event like an auction, a race, a dinner or a fair for the family.

Raising awareness of new issues

New charities can struggle to raise awareness of their cause whilst operating in the shade of well-established organisations. The main challenges surrounding a new charity is that they have little influence. Charities still resemble a brand to the public, so they have to be well developed over a period of time for a large number of people to recognise it and trust it.

Charity fundraising can help strengthen a charities brand in the local community, even if they are a new and moderately small organisation.

Help boost other avenues of donations

After fundraising events, charities see a noted increase in donations from other avenues, whether in the form of regular monthly donations or major donations from other businesses, especially after hosting local charity fundraising events in which local businesses can give their support and sponsorship.


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