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SEO Enterprise support Speed Of Sight

SEO Enterprise join up with charity Speed of Sight 

Here at SEO Enterprise we love to show our appreciation to those who do great work around Greater Manchester and the rest of the UK, from small businesses to charitable organisations, anything we can do to help, we do. 

We have recently joined up with a brilliant charity, Speed of Sight, offering our SEO services in order to help boost their online presence and help raise awareness for the brilliant work that they do. 

Speed of Sight help blind and disabled people across the UK take part in unique driving experiences. They are a one-of-a-kind charity operating across the country, offering those who would otherwise never be able to get behind the wheel to take part in adrenaline pumping track days that they will remember forever. 

The charity itself was co-founded by Mike Newman, the holder of a record number of blind world speed records on land, air and sea and a man that the SEO Enterprise team really admires. From his first record set in 2001, Mike Newman has gone on to set 8 World Records including blind land speed records, a blind water speed record and the record for most consecutive blind loops in formation with The Blades Aerobatic Team. 

Knowing how invigorating getting behind the wheel can be, even to those suffering from blindness and other disabilities, starting the Speed of Sight charity was a no brainer. And helping this great charity reach more people across the UK who are feeling restricted by their disabilities was a no brainer for us here at SEO Enterprise, too. 

We hope that this partnership helps get more people behind the wheel, enjoying these brilliant track day experiences in 2020. And we hope that we can help raise awareness of this great charity and help them grow even further into the future, making them able to help more people than ever before. 

How you can help support Speed Of Sight and give the gift to drive to blind and disabled people throughout  the UK.
Lady doing an indoor skydive
Track Day Participant
Speed Of Sight Track Day
Driving Days

Besides generating funds that give the gift to drive to blind and disabled people we’re dedicated to supporting you in any way we can in making your fundraising adventure as fun as possible.

If you love motors AND want to help us deliver life changing driving experiences to the blind and disabled why not volunteer for Speed Of Sight, we have many exciting opportunities to choose from.

Fancy a go in one of our dual-controlled track cars? It’ll be an experience you’ll never forget! Our driving days aim to include everyone so if you’re differently abled or know somebody who is, join us on one of our track days today!

Donate Via Text Message

Like what Speed Of Sight do and want to help us do more of it?  Text SOSDONATE5 to 70085 to donate £5. This costs £5 plus a std rate msg. Alternatively, you can opt to give any whole amount up to £20. Thanks!

I'd like to set up a donation page with golden giving.

If you’re fundraising for a specific event and want to encourage your friends and family to sponsor you, set up a fundraising page with golden giving.

Help Speed Of Sight deliver life-changing driving experiences to blind and disabled children and adults.
Become a Speed Of Sight Supporter