Sentiment Collection

Daughter, Gina Campbell, has donated a unique piece of art to raise money for Speed Of Sight.

To commemorate what would have been her father’s 100th birthday on 23rd March, Gina Campbell has donated a piece of art, which depicts herself, her father and her grandfather, all of whom are world record holders.

The Bickerton Grace gallery has taken this image and divided it by hand into 1,000 pieces in the iconic jigsaw shape, creating individual pieces of artwork. Each piece is mounted on a 24 carat gold leaf base, embellished with a 24 carat gold thread, numbered, signed and presented in a five inch box frame and is now available to buy for £50 per piece, with 100% of the profits donated to Speed Of Sight:

Speed Of Sight is run by blind race car driver and multiple World Record holder Mike Newman and his co-founder John Galloway. The charity hosts driving experiences for children and adults with disabilities.

A women’s water speed record holder herself, Gina Campbell and her family are synonymous with breaking world records. Her father, Donald Campbell CBE, was a British speed record breaker who broke eight world speed records on water and on land in the 1950s and 1960s and her grandfather, Sir Malcolm Campbell, held similar land and water speed records at various times during the 1920s and 1930s.

Gina said: “I’m a Patron of Speed Of Sight and to help it in this way and celebrate my father at the same time, is very special to me. My dad was a very ambitious man and someone who has continued to inspire people after his death, his achievements were astounding and I believe he’d be very humbled by this celebration of his life. A very happy birthday to my dad.”

Speed Of Sight’s CEO, Mike Newman, said: “We’re very grateful that Gina has chosen to do this for us, especially as this marks her father’s 100th birthday. Gina has been a great friend to the charity and we’re extremely appreciative for her continued support and generosity. Donald was, and still is, a great inspiration and I know that so many people would echo my thoughts and would be very eager to have a part of this incredible piece of art.”

Robert Grace, co-owner of Bickerton Grace Gallery, commented: “The concept behind this Sentiment collection and dividing the artwork into 1,000 pieces will create a real, unbreakable connection to the Campbell family, the Speed Of Sight charity and to each other. A human connection through the medium of art and by owning one of these unique artworks, you not only making the connection, you are making a real difference.”

Speed Of Sight runs events which empower disabled people of all ages. These events, held nationwide, allow a disabled child or adult a chance to forget, if only for a little while, that they have a disability.