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My TrueNORTH and Speed of Sight

Speed of Sight has a simple mission: to change the lives of blind and disabled people with high-speed driving experiences! But sometimes, we get to change the lives of fully-abled people by giving them the chance to experience the loss of sight. Speed of Sight’s corporate driving events allow companies to bring clients or colleagues to experience a high octane day of blindfolded track driving.

One such event, coming on Monday 20th September, has been sponsored by My TrueNORTH, a business coach and consultancy service based in the North of England. Jay Allen, founder of My TrueNORTH and the #ADDAZERO Business Challenge, has booked 10 corporate spaces for the blindfolded driving experience. We caught up with Jay to ask him about his first blindfolded driving experience in 2019, and what first inspired him to try it out!

Check out our interview with Jay below:

What inspired you to first book this blindfolded driving experience?

As a business owner, you’re always in the driving seat. You make all the decisions, and must determine both the route and speed of progress for your team and business. But while you’re in the day-to-day business, you’re unaware of the many blind spots you miss, and that can be fatal! It’s important as the business grows, to teach business owners how to distance themselves from the ‘coal face’ and to entrust others. It’s vital to step back from decision making sometimes to prevent this from becoming micro management. They need to have blind faith in their team!

My TrueNORTH is the UK’s leading Ethical Business Coaching Company who support SME business owners to move from growth to scale. Blind Faith is our annual event, where we invite business owners to show their blind faith in others, by committing to spending a day out of their business, doing ‘something’ that will test their trust and faith in others, whilst supporting a good cause! None of the participants know prior to the event where it is held, or what they shall be doing. They have to have blind faith in My TrueNORTH and what we have chosen for them as much as they must maintain that throughout the day!

Did you fill your spot with your colleagues, clients, or a mixture of both?

Each year, we invite a small number of our clients, with whom we think will benefit most from the experience we have planned for them. This year, 90% of the places are clients, and 10% either suppliers or associates, but all have been chosen and privately invited based on what we know of them, and the event we have planned.

What did you take from your experience in 2019?

The event in 2019 was exceptional and we had staff, clients and the Speed of Sight team alike all commenting on (despite extremely adverse weather) what a fabulous day it had been.

But the true measure of success was in the days, weeks, and months that followed. We had bigger decisions being made quicker, more responsibility being passed to others within the business, and better trust shown between the participants and their own teams. Something that only an experience like this can truly deliver!

Would you recommend Speed of Sight driving experiences to others?

Without a shadow of doubt, this is a must for anyone who wants to build a better team! It teaches resilience, values, culture, communication, trust, team dynamics, and team building to name but a few.  We are delighted to be supporting Speed of Sight again this year, so much so that we have now committed to joining their INSPIRE team!

Does My True North UK support any other charities or non-profit organisations?

I’m pleased to say we do. I was 5 years old, the first time I was invited to take part in a sponsored walk to raise money for the local hospice, and I’ve been doing so ever since. We’ve written into our company memorandum that a % of profits be donated to good causes every year. We’ve now built an act of giving into every action we do within My TrueNORTH, from every time we receive a testimonial or referral, through to every product or service we sell, and every invoice we raise. Every action within our business is associated with an act of giving that somewhere, someone less fortunate than ourselves, may benefit from. We acknowledge the privilege we have to be alive, free and able to be in business, and want to keep giving back to those in our community who do not enjoy these freedoms!

Jay and his group will be racing around the track fully blindfolded on Monday 20th September! If you’re interested in corporate driving experiences, get in touch with Speed of Sight today to see what we can get booked for you! If you’re interested in ethical business coaching with years of expertise, get in touch with Jay to see what My TrueNORTH can do for your company. To learn more about Jay and the #addazero business challenge visit


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