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Mental Health

Are we jumping on the mental health Band Wagon, or race car in our case?  


Or perhaps we have been talking about the importance of people’s well-being since starting up Speed Of Sight 9 years ago.   

 A Speed Of Sight driving event is not just a lovely day out but actually contributes to the continued positive mental welfare of all who participate in our activity.  

A BOLD statement! 

 Allow me to explain.  

In one of our specially designed and built cars a disabled child or adult CAN drive. 

 Actually drive 

 Not watch, not help, not drive just a few feet with mum or dad holding the steering wheel.  But drive, all the way around a racetrack or an off-road venue.  

 SO WHAT??? 

 Imagine being told NO all your life. 

No, you can’t  

No, it’s not safe. 

No, it’s not possible. 

 Then imagine, one day, hearing well, actually, YES! We can do it!  

Yes! you can 

Yes! you will 

Yes! you are ABLE. 

 WOW! Exciting! 

 And you do.  

You do drive around that track, YOU steer, YOU accelerate, YOU brake! 

How exhilarating! How empowering, How bloody FANTASTIC! 



 For a while, disability is forgotten, replaced with ABILITY.  

 I CAN! 

 If I can drive a car around a track, what else can I do? What else is possible?  

 It’s that feeling of empowerment that is so vital. That feeling that you CAN contribute in some way to society and to your own well-being.  

 It has been proved time and again, especially in recent times that we need to have something to look forward to, we need to have human interaction and, very importantly, we need to achieve. 

 Blind World Record holder, Mike Newman says “Disability is a thief.  It takes, takes, takes. It can leave you feeling lost and alone, isolated and separated from your friends and loved ones.  I decided one day that my lifelong dream of becoming a race driver would not be stolen from me any longer and, with the enormous help of my friends and family, I am now the holder of 8 World Records and also CEO of Speed Of Sight charity” 

Believe me, it wasn’t easy and didn’t happen overnight but here I am.  Very often it is up to us to decide how much we will allow disability to steal from us.” 

 And this is where Speed Of Sight steps in. Following on from these inspiring words Mike, along with his friend and supporter John Galloway, set up this charity to enable disabled adults and children to achieve.  

 And THAT is such an important boost to anyone’s mental health! 


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