John Galloway

Co-Founder of Speed Of Sight

Gaining many years of experience in running my own businesses set me up for what I can only explain as “my calling” …..

alongside Mike Newman on his personal project to achieve what many said was the impossible dream of becoming a racing driver. I was team principle to help him do the next best thing and become the fastest blind driver on the planet during 2002 to the current day on motorbikes, cars, trucks, boats and aeroplanes.

This opened my mind beyond the corporate world and along side my personal experience with disabilities and I Co-founded Speed of Sight in 2012

I have fostered and matured the ethos of solid customer, client and team relationships in all areas of business but especially in the arena of sales, advertising and new media and building support in a number of ways for Speed Of Sight.

My key role was to help build a core racing team around the various World Record attempts, take ownership of project management, safety, win corporate sponsorship, public relations, marketing, media activity and press liaison.

Today as Co-founder my job has evolved and my primary job functions range from harnessing relationships, building support and maintaining relations with supporters, volunteers, fundraising sponsors, partners and media relations in a goal to ultimately becoming a movement of good for everyone involved in our Speed Of Sight family

Welcome to the Speed Of Sight experience #ImpossiblePossible


2001 – Motorbike speed record: 89mph on an Aprilia bike

2003 – Car land speed record: 144mph in a Jaguar XJR

2005 – Car land speed record: 176mph in a BMW M5
2011 – Aerial record flying the most loop-de-loops
2013 – Car land speed record: 186mph in a Porsche GT2
2013 – Water speed record: 93mph in a Silverline Racing Boat
2014 – Car land speed record: 200mph in a Nissan GTR
2015 – Truck land speed record: 120mph in a Man Racing Truck
2017 - Water speed record: 102mph in a Silverline Racing Boat.