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Working Hours

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Fist pump at Teesside

Is it possible to make a teenager smile?

I suppose the trick would be to get him/her to look up from their phone to begin with.

Step foot out of their bedroom…..amazing!

Eat a meal in the company of others…!

Communicate in language other than Neolithic grunts…..success!

Smiling! well now, that’s a whole other ballgame.


Picture a minibus full of silent, surly, sullen students.

Oh joy!

Nothing you can tell them, show them, explain to them is new.

They have seen it all, they know it all.

Now…. show them a racetrack.  Show them a race car.

Interest is growing.

Excitement is building.


What size engine? How fast can it go? Why? where? what? who?

The questions keep coming.

And after the event? …………

“Did you see me round that last corner?”

“That was great! I really drove that car!”

“How fast did YOU go?”

“The instructor said I am a natural.”

“That was as fast as f—k”

Are these the same children? Those disadvantaged teenagers who, just a few short hours ago had no hope, no future, no conversation?

“I’m going to be a mechanic “

“I’d love to work with cars”

“It’d be great to work at a circuit like this”



Smiles and laughter and engagement and hope.

The journey home is very different.

We did it!


Speed Of Sight – making the Impossible/Possible.


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