@speedofsightorg - 5 days

Cerkl, one of our Inspire 25 club members has a sanitiser spray that is effective for up to 30 days. Definitely goo…

@speedofsightorg - 2 weeks

So happy for you both congratulations #besteasterever

Imagine waking up and it was your birthday every day…… that’s the feeling we get when we receive kind words from our much loved guest drivers.

Enjoy reading the comments below, but be warned, you’ll certainly want to try a track day experience yourself!

 “To bring the opportunity to ‘drive’ when that option was taken away, stirs up hope in the future, where there is no hope, and courage where courage was lost. Thank you to a wonderful team and a very special group of supporters, friends and family who make this possible for all. X X “

“Absolutely incredible charity – the very idea sounds impossible but it really is a case of empowering people and including people who would otherwise be excluded from certain activities. The great thing too is they can actually work with other charities to help and serve the people they are looking to support rather than just competing for donations.”

“Amazing charity that deserves to grow and grow, providing once in a lifetime activities on a regular basis to people who thought it was not possible.”

“A very inspiring charity providing life changing experiences”

“Mike Newman and the team are an inspiration and proof that in challenging situations, true determination shines through.”

 “My disabled granddaughter went driving with them for her 12th birthday and they were absolutely brilliant with her. She had a great day and still tells everybody about it”

“Speed Of Sight change lives on a daily basis. The passion with which both Mike and John go about promoting the work they do is infectious. The reactions on the faces of those less fortunate people that are unable to have the freedom to drive after the experience is amazing! It clearly means the world to them and, in some cases, I know first hand it has given some people a reason for living. Well done guys! Happy to support in any way I can!”

“It was amazing. The team made Joe feel special – because it was his day, his treat, but they didn’t make him feel “special needs”.  They treated him with dignity and respect and he responded by following all of the instructions he was given….. The team did not underestimate Joe, they let him fly!!”