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Below are our wonderful Inspire 25 members who all contribute to our charity
giving the gift to drive to blind and disabled people throughout the UK.
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Leighmans are a leading UK supplier of promotional and corporate gifts; we offer a large selection of promotional gifts, all of which can be branded with your own company information and logo.

Rolando Luci Lights.
Supplying Architectural and Decorative interior & exterior lighting, for Commercial and residential high end projects across the globe.

Ben Mulroney wealth management are a Cheshire based Financial Advisory practice providing award winning services. We use a collaborative, goals based approach and employ our skills and knowledge to truly change people’s lives for the better.

Cactus Recruit embody ambition, drive and possess a profound passion for delivering the talent that will take your company to new heights while nurturing a thriving workforce.

Powered by extensive knowledge of IT, Digital Marketing and Professional Services into start-up, scale-up and established organisations. We focus on building and cultivating long-lasting relationships and focus on quality over quantity recruitment.

Helping businesses get noticed in Cheshire by targeted leaflet distribution, online Cheshire Business Directory and business networking events. Cheshire Business Directory is a dedicated and verified online business directory to help business owners showcase products and services to members of the public. We use multiple on and offline strategies to promote the directory and the business listings. It is a cost-effective brand awareness marketing tool to grow your business, from as little as £30 a month.

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