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Below are our wonderful Inspire 25 members who all contribute to our charity
giving the gift to drive to blind and disabled people throughout the UK.

We are a team of specialist biker lawyers who have many years of experience in dealing with all types of motorcycle accident claims

Coaching tailored to meet your goals and needs. This can include building greater confidence, developing an authentic leadership, helping find ways to balance work and home life, breaking down barriers to enhance personal or business performance. I also offer HR consultancy to small businesses.

We believe that technology should empower you in your business and help you be more successful. Every business needs technology – whether it’s an online store, a CRM and client booking system, or simply an informative website. Let us help you tame your technology to be the empowering tools that they’re meant to be.

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Paragon Print and Marketing Solutions have been established over 40 years offering commercial print and large format print support to all of our amazing clients. We are proud to stand by the side of the Speed of Sight Charity, in the form of The Inspire 25 Club and in so many more ways too.

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Bespoke Admin Plus tailors services to match business requests and needs. With a wealth of expertise in administration, management and finance, you can be assured that any service or support received will be knowledgeable, professional and compliant

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If you inspire just one person in life then you’ve helped change the world! AMAZING! Join the Speed Of Sight Inspire 25 club and pass on the gift to drive. Lets make the impossible possible!