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Below are our wonderful Inspire 25 members who all contribute to our charity
giving the gift to drive to blind and disabled people throughout the UK.

Thebestofbolton promote and showcase only the best businesses in Bolton. We know these businesses are great because their customers tell us so! We provide a range of dynamic and innovative marketing tools across visual, printed and online media, giving a great platform to showcase products and services for local customers and consumers, giving a ‘one stop shop’ to access everything great in Bolton.

27andahalf is the answer to the problem faced by many – too much to do and not enough time to do it.

Based in Bramhall, Cheshire, we use our 20-years’ experience to provide independent financial advice to businesses and individuals in a relaxed jargon-free manner on pensions, investments, protection and healthcare

The McKellens Masterclass, an award-winning business learning programme, showing real-world commercial strategies, practical solutions and know-how to support businesses as part of our growing businesses, changing lives initiative.

Reputation and recommendations have earned us work with businesses, charities, TV personalities and international award-winning musicians – right through to Fortune Global 500 companies.

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If you inspire just one person in life then you’ve helped change the world! AMAZING! Join the Speed Of Sight Inspire 25 club and pass on the gift to drive. Lets make the impossible possible!