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Working Hours

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Essential car checklist before every race

Before a car sets out on the track it must go through essential checks to ensure it is running fine. Without these checks, we don’t know if the car is fit to drive or whether the car is safe. Without a lack of maintenance a car is not just likely to perform badly on the track, it can be dangerous to drive.

To ensure the safety of everyone who sets foot in our cars and heads out onto our track for a special race day we thoroughly check each and every vehicle using our specialised car checklist. This checklist includes:


Racing is hard on a vehicle’s brakes, and they can be the difference between staying on the track or ending up in the tyre pit. This is why each car’s brakes are checked thoroughly before each and every race. On top of these we also bleed the brakes 1-2 times annually in order to maximise performance and reduce the likelihood of failure.


Without oil a car engine simply cannot run so it is important that oil levels are checked regularly and that oil is changed to ensure optimal performance and safety. For racecars, oil changes are slightly different; the oil filter is usually cut open to ensure that there is no metal inside that would indicate a problem elsewhere in the vehicle. This also means that the filter is generally replaces at the same time as the oil.

Fuel System

Every car must go through an extensive fuel system check that covers the tank, injectors and lines. Nozzles are also removed and cleaned as well as the fuel filters. Spark plugs are also given a once over to check whether replacements are needed.


To check the chassis we remove all torsion bars to be cleaned before giving the chassis a full inspection. Once it is given the all clear we regrease the torsion bars and install them once again. All shocks are inspected for leaks or any sign of damage.

Speed of Sight are a registered charity that gives the visually impaired a chance to experience race days. We are always looking for sponsorship, so visit our website for more details.


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