Ash Miller

Driving Instructor

Originally from Brisbane, Australia, Ash has amassed a motorsport career spanning two decades. Starting the traditional way on kart racing, Ash collected a QLD State Championship podium and a ream of local wins, before stepping up into MX5 racing. Over the course of four years, Ash collected two state and two National Titles in MX5 and Production Sports Car racing, before making the move to the UK to take part in the Renault Clio Cup and BritCar. Ash is also an experienced instructor, working in the UK, the UAE and Australia for the likes of Lotus, Honda, Rolls Royce, Porsche and GM, as well as carving out a successful one-to-one race coaching business. Additionally, Ash has forged out a career services a successful globally touring Irish Dancer! Ash has been a member of the Speed of Sight family since 2014, and has loved being a part of the incredible work Speed of Sight do.