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Cerkl, one of our Inspire 25 club members has a sanitiser spray that is effective for up to 30 days. Definitely goo…

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So happy for you both congratulations #besteasterever

Driving Instructors

Driving is something most of us take for granted, without realising, our day to day lives revolve around driving. Fully stocked supermarket shelves, rapid responding emergency services, next day deliveries, and public transport would all be impossible without driving. For most of us, our first taste of freedom comes from learning to drive and having access to a car, but sadly for some people that experience never comes, or is suddenly taken away!

We have devised a marvellously simple and affordable way you can pass on the gift of driving to someone who is usually unable to drive due to a physical or mental limitation. This experience allows them to enjoy a driving experience like no other, whereby they take to the driving seat and have full control of a car!

By joining the Supporters Club, you are making the impossible, possible. Your donations enable Speed of Sight charity to provide life enhancing driving experiences like no other, for more people of all ages and abilities, across the UK.

In recognition of our new supporting members’ amazing support we would like to celebrate the news of your support online, via social media, with either a selfie or your company logo, remembering to include the tags #passapound and @speedofsight.

As a Speed of Sight Supporters Club member, you will receive a thank you pack including:

• Pass A Pound Speed of Sight car air freshener.
• Speed of Sight Supporters Club certificate signed by Mike Newman.
• Speed of Sight / Pass A Pound sticker.
• “I’m a Speed of Sight Supporter” digital banner.


You are personally invited;

As a registered supporter and donator, you are welcome to attend any of our track or off-road days
to witness first-hand what your money is allowing the charity to do. On these days you will witness the overwhelming joy and exhilaration experienced by those visiting us for their driving day, and how the organisers from Speed of Sight share these feelings every time.

Register as member of the Speed of Sight Supporters Club;

To become a Speed of Sight Supporters Club member we ask for a donation of £1 per week or £52 per year. You have the option to pay as a lump sum or pay by regular instalments.

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    Buy T Shirts, hoodies, mugs and so much more! Your purchases go toward helping disabled children and adults throughout the UK.


    Speed Of Sight relies on the generosity of its supporters to help us deliver life changing driving opportunities to blind and disabled people across the UK.

    Driving Events

    Click below for more information about this seasons venues and dates.