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Corporate Friends Track Days

Fasten your seat belts, it’s about to get exciting …

Introducing Our Corporate Friends’ Track Days

Speed Of Sight recognises that a huge challenge for businesses is ensuring its staff work together as a team.

This is why we have created an experience that combines the skills, coordination and trust of a traditional team building exercise, with the fun, excitement and childhood fantasy of driving a race car!

Oh, and did we mention, your team will be driving BLINDFOLDED?

By choosing Speed Of Sight for your team building day, you will also be helping blind and disabled people across the UK enjoy a lifetime enhancing experience.

If that sounds like your kind of thing, let us tell you more about our Corporate Friends’ Track Days.

Ready, set, go …

Step 1: Choose your day (subject to availability)

You can choose between an off-road or track day experience to host your team-building day

Step 2: Bring along up to 12 members of staff or clients to take part, and enjoy our very friendly hospitality

Step 3: Hop in the car alongside one of our trained instructors

Step 4: Start your engine …

Step S: Whizz around the race/off-road track, getting to know the race instructor, the course and the car.

Step 6: Introduce the BLINDFOLD (we just love seeing peoples’ faces when they see this!)

Step 7: Experience the sheer exhilaration of driving a vehicle from the perspective of a blind person, where trust and self-belief are crucial elements to the enjoyment of the experience

Step 8: Watch, admire and witness the heart-warming scenes of blind and disabled drivers taking to the wheel for what is likely to be their very first time

Step 9: See the transformation in yourself and your team

And that’s not even the best bit …

For every member of staff (or client) you sponsor to take part, you’re also sponsoring a blind or disabled person to do the same.

Based on 12 people, the cost per driver is £260.

£260 = 1 x corporate driver+ 1 x blind or disabled driver.

That means, your total team-building, charity-supporting investment: £3120 for the entire experience.

The race isn’t over yet …

We’re so confident that you, your team and your company will feel the emotional and team building benefits of our Corporate Friends’ Track Day, that we’ve put an ironclad guarantee on it

100% satisfaction, or a personal hug from Mike Newman himself!

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