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my true

My TrueNORTH and Speed of Sight

Speed of Sight has a simple mission: to change the lives of blind and disabled people with high-speed driving experiences! But sometimes, we get to change the lives of fully-abled people by giving them the chance to experience the loss of sight. Speed of Sight’s corporate driving events allow companies

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Popular Fundraising Methods for Supporting Your Favourite Charity

Charities and non-profit organisations work tirelessly to support societal demographics, raise awareness for social issues, or provide economic relief to an oppressed minority group. Some charities conduct research into the background and root of modern-day issues, some fund initiatives and programmes to provide aid packages of food, clothing, or medicine

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Phil Sig

Confessions of a Trustee

So, I wanted to write about my experiences being a trustee of Speed of Sight and why I love it so much, the impact it has had on my life and how it can impact the lives of others. I hope will help make others understand the Speed of Sight

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Our Driving Experiences for Fully Able People

Here at Speed of Sight, our mission is based on giving the gift of driving to those who may never be able to hold a licence of their own due to physical or mental disabilities. Through the generosity of our donors, sponsors and fundraisers, we are able to subsidise part

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