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Each of our track or off road cars are like a member of the Speed Of Sight family. By helping us purchase more cars you will be playing your part in reaching more people with disabilities allowing us to provide life changing driving experiences to disabled people within the community. The more cars we have available the more driving days we can run throughout the year and the more disabled people we can provide our unique experience to across the UK. 

Each of our cars are built with dual controls so, with the aid of a trained instructor, people with a wide variety of disabilities can drive. There are no passengers at Speed Of Sight!!

Your pledge of a track car for our charity would impact a great many people with disabilities or real life issues who have been unable to drive due to their disabilities. In many cases these people experience gain self confidence and a sense of achievement that no matter what their disability need not necessarily hold them back.

As a purchaser you will be given exclusive naming rights for the car as well permanent placement of your logo and website address on the car. Because our track days travel the country and are frequently at events in our media coverage you can be sure your support will bring new audiences to your organisations brand and message.

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Start QuotationIt actually felt like I was taking off in an airplane... its definitely, definitely been very fun.End Quotation


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Our charity relies on the generosity of people who donate or fundraise. Your donation will go towards giving a disabled person access to one of our track days.

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