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4 Surprising Benefits of a Driving Experience with Speed of Sight

In a previous blog post we covered the obvious benefits of a driving experience with us – fun, experiencing new things and improved confidence & independence – but as well as those advantages, there are a number of other positives each of our drivers take from a day on the track with us.

We provide these experiences for a range of reasons and each of our participants may derive different things from their day with Speed of Sight, so to give you an idea of how you or someone you know can benefit here’s a list of some of the lesser-known things our drivers can take from a track day experience with us.

Strength building

Driving a car on the racetrack can help to strengthen your upper body muscles. As some of our participants have limited mobility, this could be particularly beneficial when their exercise is usually restricted. Our driving experiences typically last around 15 minutes – sometimes longer, depending on how many people arrive on the day – so this gives ample time to get the blood flowing and help build up the strength of those muscles.

Improved concentration

We all rely on our ability to focus. Poor concentration can be an issue for even the best of us, and our driving experiences can help improve concentration. When our participants hit the track, they’ll be given guidance by their instructor who’ll accompany them throughout. Listening to these instructions and communicating effectively requires a certain level of concentration and as the brain acts like a muscle, the more we train it the better our focus will be.    

Reflex improvement

Driving can greatly improve our reflex movement and it’s no different for anyone enjoying a track experience with Speed of Sight. Again, our drivers will need to follow the instructor’s advice, and they’ll explain the turns and actions the driver will need to perform to manoeuvre the car safely, which is an effective way of sharpening those reflexes and improving reactions.

Improved flow of oxygen

When we participate in adrenaline-fuelling activities, this can have a profound impact on our respiratory system – it can feel like breathing air for the first time all over again! This surge of oxygen to the brain can be accompanied by a host of natural chemicals such as serotonin which can help relieve stress and improve our overall health and wellbeing.

When our drivers take the wheel, they do so for a variety of reasons. These differ from person-to-person, but as we’ve shown with this post the benefits are varied so with so many advantages to be had there’s something everyone can take away with them. If you’re interested in offering sponsorship for the amazing work we do here at Speed of Sight, please get in touch with a member of our dedicated team as we’d be delighted to hear from you!


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