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@speedofsightorg - 5 days

Wow that looks brilliant. Hope you had a Happy Birthday Jack😆

@speedofsightorg - 5 days

This is an AMAZING achievement Thankyou to all who fundraised and to those who donat…

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It has been some time since I shared my thoughts.  To be honest they have been a bit of a muddle but I will try and explain what has been happening.

In March I was really looking forward to all the track events starting again, I knew they would be starting soon because Mike had been busy getting cars serviced and there was a lot of activity and last minute plans going on.  Then everything stopped. I mean everything.  We didn’t go on any visits or into the office, we didn’t even go in the car.  As you know I am an intelligent dog and can usually work things out but not this time.  At first I decided that Mike and Karen must be poorly but then that could not be right because although we didn’t go on visits or into the office we went on long walks which was great, though we kept meeting people who said they were taking their ‘daily exercise’  – a bit odd but maybe it is a new thing people say to each other instead of talking about the weather.  When we weren’t on our ‘daily exercise’ they kept doing jobs in the house. In fact there was that much sorting and clearing out of things that I had to keep a close eye on my toys in case they ended up in the charity bag or even worse in the bin: especially my favourite one that has been chewed quite a lot.

I was gradually getting used to this new life when the saddest event occurred.  My friend and mentor Baxter passed away.  He was a good age in dog years but I hadn’t expected it. Baxter had really made me welcome when I first arrived chez Newman and we used to have some good fun playing.  At times I probably annoyed him especially as he got older because I have loads of energy and was probably too boisterous but I always treated him with respect and I think he liked having me around.

One day in August everything changed again.  We started going out, went back to the office, there was a buzz again, things were happening, there was lots of phone calls, people were rushing about , cars being prepared and then best of all the van was packed the cars put on the trailers and we were off to the Three Sisters. Now please do not misunderstand me I love Mike and Karen they are the best but I was desperate for some extra fuss, so was excited to see all the volunteers and the guests  Clearly I have not lost my charm as I was the welcome recipient of a lot of attention.

Things were back to normal – well actually that is not quite true.  Everyone looked a bit different as they were all wearing something called a face mask so it is hard to see who they are, thankfully Mike is pretty good at recognising voices so he helped me out. There was also a lot of cleaning going on, one of the volunteers was diligently cleaning the car between each drive – a bit strange as they didn’t look at all dirty and also there  was a lot of handwashing with something called sanitiser (soap and water must have gone out of fashion). Thankfully no-one insisted on me wearing a face mask – I think my ears would be too floppy to keep the elastic on nor did they insist on sanitising my paws:  I’ll just carry on giving them a lick now and again. Apart from these few strange things life seemed to be back on track and to have a familiar feel about it. We did another event at the Three Sisters and then had 2 days in September at Teesside. Great fun!

My life has however been interrupted again as the government (apparently they are the ones who have been making all the rules) has told us not to go anywhere or meet anyone.  The Good news though is that Mike has said this will not last for long and we can still plan all our events for next year and next year will be the best year ever.  Well I’ll woof to that!

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