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Wow that looks brilliant. Hope you had a Happy Birthday Jack😆

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This is an AMAZING achievement Thankyou to all who fundraised and to those who donat…

Original equipment wiper blade manufacturer, TRICO, is now the headline sponsor for charity, Speed Of Sight.


Speed Of Sight is run by blind race car driver and multiple World Record holder, Mike Newman and co-founder John Galloway and hosts driving experiences for people with disabilities.

The charity has had four cars specially designed and built – two racing cars and two all-terrain buggies – that allow people of all ages with disabilities to enjoy the excitement and thrill of driving.

The vehicles, named after Mike’s guide dogs, are specially designed with dual controls and twin steering wheels and the buggies are equipped with hand controls. Speed Of Sight’s experiences take place nationwide at racing circuits, off road tracks or any venue with a large enough car park or area, where a circuit can be created.

Mike Newman said: “We rely on generous donations from individuals and companies to help us to run these special track days for people with disabilities because it really is such a fun thing to do, especially when you’re told you can’t do something as ordinary as driving!

“We’re so excited to have TRICO join our family: we’re a close knit team and the guys at TRICO are so enthusiastic about our charity and helping us as much as they can and we’re so appreciative for that.”

TRICO’s Senior Marketing Manager, Sam Robinson, said: “After a difficult year for all, it’s nice to give back, especially to this great charity. I’ve known about them for years and went to visit them at the start of 2020 and was amazed with everything they do. I challenge anyone to go to one of their track days and not be inspired by the experience they give to people with considerable difficulties.”

  • Speed Of Sight Charity Shop

    Buy T Shirts, hoodies, mugs and so much more! Your purchases go toward helping disabled children and adults throughout the UK.


    Speed Of Sight relies on the generosity of its supporters to help us deliver life changing driving opportunities to blind and disabled people across the UK.

    Driving Events

    Click below for more information about this seasons venues and dates.


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