The Different Types of Charity Donation Methods

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There is nothing more damaging to a charity than a lack of donations from the general public. After all, a large percentage of charities in the UK rely on sponsorships from large businesses and the generosity of everyday people in order to continue providing the service they are known for. Here at Speed of Sight, we want to talk about the different donation methods that are available and how easy it is to donate to local charities that are trying to make a difference. Read on to find out more…

Monthly Donations

Many charities obtain a large amount of their spendable cash from monthly donations because these are reliable and consistent. After all, donors are able to choose the amount that they would like to contribute which ensures that the organisation does not place too much pressure on the public, and these figures often range between £5 and £50. In addition to this, charities also accept custom one-off donations that may have been collected during a fundraising event.

Online Percentage Donations

The popularity of online shopping continues to increase each year which means that charities are suffering due to the lack of shoppers in busy city centres. Luckily, there are many online retail stores that take part in non-profit donations and contribute a percentage of a shopper’s total to a charity of their choice. Here at Speed of Sight, we work closely with Give as You Live, which is free to use and plays an integral role in the number of donations obtained by UK charities.

Charity Shop Purchases

Creating an online shop is one of the most effective ways that a charity can obtain donations from the public. After all, brandishing a logo on clothing, cups and bags not only raises awareness about the services that the charity provides when buyers utilise them, it also encourages the public to make further donations. In addition to this, these stores are cost-effective and very easy to run.

Here at Speed of Sight, we rely on charity fundraising, donations and the generosity of the public to continue our work, however official statistics suggest that there are around 5,000 new charities registered in the UK each year which means that we are constantly competing with one another for donations. After all, only a select number of organisations receive government funding. Luckily, there are several different donation methods that those with the ability to do so can choose from. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the Speed of Sight team today!

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