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@speedofsightorg - 5 days

Wow that looks brilliant. Hope you had a Happy Birthday Jack😆

@speedofsightorg - 5 days

This is an AMAZING achievement Thankyou to all who fundraised and to those who donat…

Well things seem very strange at the moment I am not sure what is going on.  I keep hearing new words like self-isolating and hearing people talking about the importance of handwashing though I haven’t heard anyone mention paw washing.  Given that people seem a bit worried I thought it would be good to tell you about something positive that happened to me the other week.

Now you may not know this but I have a brother called Smithy who I haven’t seen for sometime, so I was absolutely thrilled when we met up at a fundraising event at the Brewery Tap in Bolton to celebrate our Speed of Sight ale.  He hadn’t changed a bit: he smelt just the same.  We used to enjoy a good play and mess about when younger but being more mature now we were very well behaved but had a good catch up.  Whilst me and Smithy weren’t allowed to drink because we were driving we had a great time and the amazing people at Bank Top brewery presented us with a cheque of over £800 that they had raised for Speed of Sight.  Mike and other volunteers seemed to have a lovely time drinking the beer.  Me and Smithy would like to thank Dave and Bank Top brewery for what for me was an emotional evening, for supporting Speed of Sight and for giving us such a generous donation. Karen took a picture of me and Smithy which will be great for my album.  If you are not sure which one is me, I am the one smiling (well that’s what I heard Karen tell Mike).

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