The barriers that people with disabilities face in being more active

February 28, 2020by Phillip Collins0

There are modern obstacles getting in the way of everyone when it comes to being more active. Whether it is lack of time, money or motivation to find that get-up-and-go, for those with a disability, things can be even worse.

Finding a physical activity when you suffer from a disability can be difficult. With numerous barriers getting in the way of those with disabilities from achieving optimal physical health and wellness that need to be overcome, the whole process can seem a daunting task. Especially when you consider the following barriers:


Daily lives become more strenuous and stressful with a disability. Daily activities require more energy to complete which means that fatigue sets in a lot quicker. When we are feeling tired, the last thing we want to do is exercise, but studies show that taking part in activities can help boost energy levels and put us in a better state of mind to deal with stressful everyday tasks.

The Environment

Although much has been done by the government and local councils to make all venues accessible, unfortunately this is not always the case. There are still venues across the UK that lack accessibility to help include everyone, but efforts are in place to ensure that everywhere will be disability friendly soon.

Lack of Confidence and the perception around disability

The way disabled activities are perceived by society can have an adverse effect on people’s willingness to take part. Getting active is a daunting task, and many lack the confidence to begin a new activity. By embracing diversity more and more disabled people will find the confidence to seek a new activity that they will enjoy. Through charity fundraising, more activities are becoming available to disabled people across the UK.

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