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@speedofsightorg - 5 days

Wow that looks brilliant. Hope you had a Happy Birthday Jack😆

@speedofsightorg - 5 days

This is an AMAZING achievement Thankyou to all who fundraised and to those who donat…

The winter months always feel a bit strange without any track events and I do miss seeing the Speed of Sight family. However there has still been a lot going on and we have even had 2 professional videos taken. I managed to get a small part in both but not a starring role and do you know I really think I could play the lead part. It would be unusual for a dog to have the main role but I am not just any dog. In Mike’s latest video where he speaks about achieving world records and asks ‘what could you achieve today’ it got me thinking that I could become a film star.  Don’t laugh! I have already achieved a lot – not just any dog can become a guide dog, you have to have a natural talent as well as the willingness to work hard to learn all the skills. Not only do I have talent and a willingness to work hard but I have natural charm and charisma, wherever I go people make a fuss of me, they talk to me, stroke me and sometimes I even get away with rolling over on my back to get a tummy tickle. Think of the fame: I could have my own fan club!

The downside to becoming a film star though is that I wouldn’t have time to work for Speed of Sight as well and it might get a bit boring: all that grooming and the need for numerous takes to get it just right. On reflection I would miss visiting supporters and seeing our participants, that is what really puts a wag in my tail. Oh and I have been listening to Mike and John talk and there is going to be some great fundraising events: fire-walking and abseiling. I wouldn’t want to miss those, my paws are definitely staying on flat, cold ground but they are going to be great events to watch – humans really do the strangest things!  Now I have just had another thought perhaps I can use some of my talents as a Speed of Sight model: the online shop has things for men, women and kids but nothing for dogs I can ask Mark to design something for canines and with me modelling who knows what sales targets will be achieved …………..

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