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@speedofsightorg - 5 days

Wow that looks brilliant. Hope you had a Happy Birthday Jack😆

@speedofsightorg - 5 days

This is an AMAZING achievement Thankyou to all who fundraised and to those who donat…

Something amazing has happened.  I am so excited my tail has been wagging ten to the dozen (think that is the right phrase though it doesn’t make much sense to me because ten is less than a dozen which means it’s going slower than it should, I think fourteen to the dozen more aptly describes my tail). Anyway I must tell you what has happened.  Last week I went down to Bristol with Mike and Karen.  Nothing unusual there except we took an empty trailer with us and ended up at a garden centre – I thought Mike must be getting Karen something big for Christmas from the garden centre though struggled to think what was so big that it needed a trailer!   We were met by Dave who used to run a charity called Inspire Now, he was clearly expecting us and took us to a storage place in the garden centre.  In this storage place was a car, not just any car but a Mazda MX5 which has been partially adapted for people with disabilities and he was giving it to Speed of Sight. How generous is that!  Mike and Karen were absolutely thrilled but what is the most amazing thing is that this car is going to be named after me!!  Can you believe it this new addition to Speed of Sight is going to be called STANTON.  I was absolutely thrilled but then I started to feel a little sad.  Each Speed of Sight car is named after one of Mike’s guide dogs but there isn’t a car named after Baxter, Mike’s retired guide dog, who has been kind to me even when I get a bit too exuberant. That just didn’t seem fair.  Mike must have seen me looking sad and realised why, he explained that Dave is actually giving us 2 MX 5s, the other one will be named, yes you guessed it – Baxter. This is doubly amazing, what a Christmas present and what an honour to have cars named after us.  Baxter doesn’t show his excitement as much as me but I think he is happy on the inside. The cars will need further adaptations and work on them but eventually they will be used to give life-changing driving experiences to people with disabilities.

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