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Everyone has their own criteria when buying a car. For some it is a head decision: what is the most practical car that will do what I need it to do at a price I can afford. Petrolheads are more interested in performance and looks.

Most people consider, safety, fuel consumption, security, comfort, performance and budget.  In addition to these criteria Mike at Speed of Sight has to consider many other things when getting a track or offroad vehicle:

  • in addition to dual foot pedals can the vehicle have a second steering wheel installed?
  • is it possible to fit hand controls?
  • can the frame be adapted to make it easier for people using a hoist to access without compromising safety?
  • is there space to put a footguard for those who cannot control their movements?

The list is long and presents engineering challenges and particularly in relation to the next vehicle Speed of Sight hope to get: a buggy specially designed for children and those of small stature.   Thankfully we work with CAN DO people who use their skills to make these things happen and we have great faith in their abilities.  All we need now is to be successful in our grant application to purchase the buggy.






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