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Congratulations guys and passing on

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Sad that we have come to the end of our track season? Join us for an indoor skydive fundraiser Thursday 14th Novemb…


I have been so busy in recent weeks that I haven’t had time to put paw to print.  It’s hard to know where to start.  In the past few weeks we have travelled many miles and met with lots of amazing people.  There have been track events in South Wales, Wigan, Dudley, Teeside and Wombwell and even an off road event at Shoreside Stables not far from our offices. All the venues let Speed of Sight use their facilities for free, how kind is that!

The Shoreside event was very different to the tracks events.  Ken our trustee put big chunky wheels on the buggies which made them look bigger than normal and participants wore open-faced helmets and goggles.  I could understand the reasons for all that but what I could not understand was Mike’s attitude to the mud.  When I get muddy I have to spend ages having my paws cleaned before I am allowed in Mike’s car but the buggies and the drivers got covered in mud and he didn’t seem to care, even though he had to keep lifting clumps of mud off every time there was a changeover of driver. I never knew humans like mud so much but all day long everyone was smiling.

As well as driving events we went to a car event put on by the Cruise Control and they generously gave all the money they raised to us! I also accompanied Mike when he went to speak at a Talking News conference in the Midlands.  It made me consider how famous one has to be to get asked to present at a conference as I have had a fair amount of publicity recently. Well, not exactly me but Speed of Sight.  The TV cameras came to one of the track days in South Wales and we were on TV later that day.  Then when we were at Wombwell Karting track in Yorkshire I saw a man with a large furry toy which I ran towards only later to find out that it was some contraption for the sound on the film that was being made.  I think they were there to film the cars but ended up with a shot of me running directly for the camera.  Anyway I don’t think the film will have been spoiled because I am a good runner and quite handsome in a doggy sort of way. Speed of Sight have also been on Radio Humberside explaining about what we do.

We are coming towards the end of our track season which means I will probably get more days in the office while plans are made for next years events.  Looking forward to having a little snooze under the desk and a chance to dream of becoming famous.


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