13 year old Amy describes her day at 3 Sisters

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Hi, my name is Amy May Wright. I am visually impaired and I’m 13 years old.


On Monday the 19th of August 2019, I went to the 3 Sisters in Wigan to do a driving day. My 17-year-old brother Ben and my dad Stuart came to experience the driving day too.  The driving day was organised by Speed of Sight, Hits Radio Cash for Kids and the group of people I was going with are VICS (Visually Impaired Children’s Support).


When we got there, we had to wait in a bit where there was a gate and benches, and fences all around it. There was also tyres so that if anyone crashed, they would have something soft to bump into. As the people driving came past, we all leant over the fence and clapped them.

There were time slots so everybody went at different times. Some people went in the morning and some people went in the afternoon. We had the last time slot which was at 3:00pm. We got there at 2:50pm but they were running a little bit behind so I eventually got into my car at 3:20pm. My car was white and very low down. A lady called Bridget helped me into my car. The other people who worked there were called John, Mike and a lady called Michelle who worked for Hits Radio in Manchester. The car was a 2-seater racing car and an instructor would sit in the other seat and tell you which direction to go in because I can’t see where I’m going. When the instructor turned their steering wheel, mine would move to.


I had to put on a balaclava, this is a hot hat that covers everything apart from your face. Then I put on a big square racing helmet with a visor which covered your face apart from your mouth so that you can breathe normally. There is also a plug in the helmet which you plug in and you will hear the instructor talking through a speaker in your helmet and the instructor wears a helmet so they can hear you talk through their speaker in their helmet. Then, I set off.


The car went super-fast and my instructor was called Ralph and he told me what to do. I loved it on the straights bit of the track because you could go as fast as you wanted. You do this by putting your foot on the accelerator pedal. This gives the car gas to make it go faster. Also, I loved the sharp turns on the track. Soon after me my brother went on the track and loved it too. He was driving in a white buggy that was a 2-seater and his instructor was called Andy. The buggy had faster acceleration than mine but not as fast at top speed. I overtook Ben’s car as I went before him and my car was faster. At one point, Ralph said “Floor it!” but I didn’t know what that meant but Ralph told me it meant put your foot on the gas pedal.

After Ben and I finished our laps, my dad went in my car and had a go and he went zooming down the track. VICS and the instructors and the parents of the kids took lots of photos and videos. Then after that, me, my brother and my dad had a group photo and an interview. We had to say what we  thought of the day. I said thanks to Hits Radio Cash for Kids for organising the day. I also said that I loved putting my foot on the accelerator pedal and the sharp turns and that it was a good experience because I won’t be able to drive a car in the future because I am visually impaired. Ben also said thanks to Cash for Kids and that it was a good experience because he is visually impaired too so he won’t be able to drive either. My dad said the same things as me and Ben and then we argued about who took over who and who went the fastest. My dad said that he went the fastest but I said that I did. However, we both agreed that Ben was the slowest. Then we got our certificates. My whole family including my mum Lorraine would like to say thanks to everyone at Speed of Sight, Hits Radio Cash for Kids and Jane from VICS for organising the day and that it was a great experience for me and Ben because we will never be able to drive our own cars in the future. I hope that everyone will enjoy reading my story and get inspiration to go and have the amazing experience with Speed for Sight at the 3Sisters Racing Circuit and do what me, Ben and my dad did and really enjoyed.

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