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Have you heard the phrase ‘boys toys’? Mike seems to have a lot of toys – mostly cars.  We go to see the cars at the unit and he spends a lot of time with them, especially before a track day: checking tyre pressures, oil levels and so on.  They also have to be moved around a lot and taken on/off trailers. Mike says that these are important things that need to be done.  Not sure if that is true or just an excuse to mess around with cars. Mike knows loads about cars I don’t really know that much but I do know that the people who come along to our track days seem to really enjoy going out in the track cars and buggies.

Being a boy I also like toys.  My favourite toy is a frisbee.  Each morning I and Baxter get taken onto the green and the frisbee gets thrown for me.  Baxter being older and more mature is not interested in the frisbee, he prefers to sniff every blade of grass and to go at a more sedate pace. I absolutely love my frisbee, I run really fast and can catch it in mid-air.  I think it must look pretty impressive because the children on the way to school sometimes stop to watch. Occasionally I get over-excited and forget to keep an eye on the frisbee, so I am looking up in the air for it but it has already landed. My frisbee changes slightly every day because I like to have a little chew on it and it has started to develop a hole in the middle which is getting a little bigger each day.  In fact my frisbee has become a ring but is still amazing fun, though it’s a good job I do not have sponsors because I could never fit their names on it like Mike does on the track cars and buggies.

By the way although cars are often thought of as ‘boys toys’ lots of women and girls also love Speed of Sight driving experiences. I am not sure if girl dogs love frisbees though.

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