The Challenge of Inclusivity

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At Speed of Sight we aim for our driving experiences to be inclusive.  This is not because we want to be ‘politically correct’ but because we really do believe that people should not be excluded due to a disability whatever that disability may be. To be inclusive takes more than a statement of intent it requires practical steps to be taken, for example: having a hoist available for those unable to transfer independently, using a footguard for guests who cannot control their leg movements, having hand controls.  Whatever the barrier we want to overcome it.  The barrier may be psychological, some guests lack confidence and are anxious, in this situation one of the team will talk through everything and take more time explaining things.

So that guests enjoy the experience it is important that each one is treated as an individual and that time is taken to understand their requirements.  This can mean that time schedules are affected but that is a small price to pay for making the impossible POSSIBLE for people who thought they would never be able to drive. The joy and sense of achievement guests experience is heart-warming.

Being truly inclusive is a challenge and we are constantly learning how to put this into practice.  If you have a disability and thought you would never be able to drive contact us and hopefully together we can make it happen.

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