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@speedofsightorg - 5 days

Amazing support from almost reaching their target lets help them get over…

@speedofsightorg - 7 days

This is absolutely amazing😀👏. Good luck to all those taking part and THANK YOU LIFT


I have just got to tell you about what happened on Monday.  It started off as quite a normal day: breakfast followed by a run on the green, then I jumped into the back of the car ready to go off to the office.  However, we didn’t go to the office but started driving up the M6  motorway.

Now a trip is not unusual – I will have you know that I am a well-travelled hound – but if we go on a trip on Monday it is usually to a track event. We get up very early and I mean early, like 5.30am, go to the unit where the cars are stored.  I get in one of the towing vehicles with Mike and Karen, a trailer with a track car on, is attached to the back, then off we go.  Sorry I digress, my point is that we were in the car, not a towing vehicle and there was not a track car in sight so I knew we were not going to a track day.

I decided to settle down to have a snooze. I woke up when we left the motorway and started to slow down and make some turns, Mike and Karen seemed to be looking for Black Knights.  This was very confusing and a little worrying.  In Guide dog school we did not study history however I like to keep my ears open and what I have picked up from snippets of past conversations is that knights ride horses and often seem to be involved in fights.  I decided I would need to keep a low profile as horses are rather large animals and I do not like fights.

When we stopped and got out of the car I looked round cautiously but there did not seem to be any horses or knights, I have got to admit to being somewhat relieved. There were a few people around who all seemed very friendly so I started to relax.  Mike and Karen chatted to a few people, then everyone started to look up to the sky – you know how when a group looks at something other people’s eyes automatically look that way as well – so I started looking up.  Oh my goodness there were things flying through the air – I know there are all different sizes of bird but I have never seen ones like these before and they were coming down towards the ground! However as they got closer I realised they were not birds put people who had a sort of big sheet attached to them and what’s more when they landed on the ground I knew some of the people.  Everyone was congratulating them.

Soon it all became clear, 7 amazing Speed of Sight supporters had jumped out of a plane and skydived to the field.  The big sheets they had on are called parachutes and the Black Knights? –  that is the name of the Parachute Centre.   Why had our supporters done that? To raise money for Speed of Sight.  Absolutely fantastic! After that things seemed to get more familiar – there were lots of smiling faces which is something I always notice at Speed of Sight events, John was posting things on social media and Ben was taking photos.  I cannot wait to get back home and tell Baxter about today (he is my predecessor and often stays at home so that he does not get too tired). I wonder what the rest of the week has in store – I really do have a interesting job!

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