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June 27, 2019by Admin0

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Hi,  My name is Stanton and this is my blog.  I have an important job – guide dog to Mike Newman.  This week I was at the 3 Sisters circuit it was a great day. Mike was busy helping participants into the cars so I had a chance to chill in the spectator area.

I spent some of the time sleeping as it was a warm day but also had a chance to meet guests and volunteers who came to say hello. I am so cute that people cannot help but make a fuss of me: giving me a stroke, scratching my back, even giving my tummy a tickle.

I like being in the spectator area listening to our guests chatting. Those who had done an experience before were clearly excited with anticipation. For first timers this anticipation was tempered with nerves but after the drive they are buzzing. I love eavesdropping when the feedback form gets completed. People use words like exhilirating – that’s a bit of a long word but I think it means they enjoyed themselves. It is all quite emotional.

When it was over, all the volunteers packed up and I jumped in the van. Everyone was quite tired but happy and I was looking forward to my tea!

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