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One of our co-founders is Mike Newman, an 8 time World Record holder (7 Guinness World Records.)  Mike is the currently the fastest blind man on the planet on land and water.

Those who know him will describe Mike as a modest man who combines his thrill for speed with a determination to increase the equality of opportunity for others.

Formally a bank manager, Mike broke his first land speed record on a motorbike, going on to achieve five world land speed records in a car and more recently achieving the water speed record.

The records so far...

2001 - Motorbike speed record: 89mph on an Aprilia bike

2003 - Car land speed record: 144mph in a Jaguar XJR

2005 - Car land speed record: 176mph in a BMW M5

2011 - Aerial record flying the most loop-de-loops

2013 - Car land speed record: 186mph in a Porsche GT2

2013 - Water speed record: 93mph in a Silverline Racing Boat

2014 - Car land speed record: 200mph in a Nissan GTR

2015 - Truck land speed record: 120mph in a Man Racing Truck

2017 - Mike Newman Water Speed Record Attempt on the 19th of July 2017

 Mike continues to support various organisations, in particular Guide Dogs for the Blind.

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Start QuotationIts just the most remarkable experience, anybody anywhere if you know somebody who can benefit from this experience maybe somebody who has lost their sight.End Quotation

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